Alpine Private Wealth Unveils New Brand, Reaches $1 Billion in Assets

Alpine Private Wealth, a St. Louis-based wealth management firm focused on wealth management and value investing, has announced its new brand coinciding with a move to a larger office space in Clayton and the milestone of reaching $1 billion in assets. Formerly known as Alpine Private Capital, the new Alpine Private Wealth brand signifies not only the importance of growing and protecting clients’ wealth but also serving their complex wealth management needs in a high-touch, personalized way.

The firm remains affiliated with Alpine Capital Research (ACR) via common ownership. ACR focuses on research and valuation-based asset and portfolio management for institutional investors and financial intermediaries. Alpine Private Wealth will continue to serve ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families in meeting their wealth management needs.

“Our journey to the Alpine Private Wealth brand was a natural evolution for us,” said the firm’s president, Brett Rufkahr. “Wealth is a very personalized concept for each investor we serve. As we considered a rebrand, it was imperative that the term ‘wealth’ was part of our name. We also felt strongly about retaining our relationship with ACR. Their focus on value-oriented research has served our clients well in terms of growing and protecting their wealth through a long history dedicated to value investing.”

Value investing involves extensive fundamental analysis to identify undervalued companies expected to perform well in the long run. Alpine Private Wealth, through its affiliation with ACR, focuses on this approach. ACR evaluates fundamental value and risk, looks for quality investments with a margin of safety, and only invests in what they understand, balancing diversification with knowledge with transparent communication for intelligent investor decision-making.

The original Alpine entity was founded in 1999, a time of significant market turbulence. Since then, Alpine Private Wealth has experienced many market and economic cycles while providing an investment strategy that has grown and protected wealth for over 20 years. Alpine Private Wealth currently manages $1 billion in assets through a team of wealth professionals in multiple states who serve emerging wealth, strategic wealth, and family office clients.

“The Alpine Private Wealth brand is all about clarity and focus – on value investing, on helping clients arrive at a vision for their best possible lives, and on patiently planting seeds today that will grow into the tomorrow we’re all striving towards,” said Rufkahr. “It is a different approach that most wealth managers don’t pursue, but it’s one that we believe in, because it has consistently delivered a different level of performance for our clients.”

About Alpine Private Wealth

Founded in 1999 as part of Alpine Investment Management, Alpine Private Wealth has demonstrated a rich history of delivering what most ultra-high-net-worth clients value – protection and performance. The firm leverages the value investing model and portfolios of Alpine Capital Research to develop wealth management strategies for individuals and families that align with their long-term needs and goals and support them in endeavoring to live their best possible lives.