Our History

Patience is key
Since 1999

Patience is crucial to successful investing that only some are in tune with.

Investors are best served when reactionary behavior is limited, market insights are well-developed and informed, and opportunities for long-term, steady growth are seized. These beliefs led to the founding of Alpine Private Wealth and our partners at Alpine Capital Research.

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffett
Our founding dates back to the market turbulence of the late 1990s when investors clamored to pour money into all things tech, causing tremendous overvaluations and brands built on speculation. Things became rocky, and an eventual bust closed the chapter on this period in market history. Against this backdrop, founder Nick Tompras deepened his alignment with the principles of value investing as a method of protecting capital while providing growth opportunities that clients need to reach their financial goals. He established Alpine Investment Management to deliver this method of investing to clients. The firm later separated into two entities: Alpine Private Capital (now Alpine Private Wealth, serving individual and family investors) and Alpine Capital Research, which focuses on research, asset management and institutional investors.

More than 20 years of performance have demonstrated that this approach delivers what our clients want most: protection and performance. Regardless of market volatility, the principles of value investing have served our clients well through numerous market cycles, including the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-related market downturns of 2020.

Today, Alpine Private Wealth is a team of wealth managers uniquely positioned to serve individuals and families. We are proud to be under the same roof as Alpine Capital Research. We rely on their value investing portfolios and investment valuation expertise to align with our client’s long-term needs and goals. It’s a combined core competency and a level of service you are unlikely to experience elsewhere.