Family Office

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What is a Family Office?

Families whose wealth spans multiple generations, whose financial needs are complex, and who require a keen focus on wealth protection can benefit substantially from Alpine’s Family Office services.

We serve as an advocate and coordinator for all aspects of your family’s finances, going beyond investment services to manage and advise on family foundations, taxes, trusts, and legacy planning. We also serve as a point person for all family members. In these scenarios, it’s essential to align family values and purpose with the wealth strategy and goals of the family as a whole.

Such an approach requires a very high level of service and requires in-depth knowledge of structuring wealth, as well as understanding how every piece of the family’s broad range of assets and liabilities work together.

Alpine believes that our value investing approach provides an ideal foundation for the Family Office, offering a level of long-term, consistent, deliberate performance with a focus on protection of portfolios over full market cycles. We also coordinate the skilled team of professionals from other disciplines to work with us to ensure the family’s accounting, legal, and philanthropic needs are efficiently and effectively met.

Alpine’s Family Office Services

Essential to who we are and what we do is a dedication to fostering long-term relationships with our clients and their families. We pride ourselves on the trust and confidence client’s place in us to safeguard their wealth, ensuring they are financially able to achieve their goals effectively. We strive to earn our clients’ trust through every interaction with our team by treating their family’s needs with care, practicality, and integrity. Our diligent commitment to delivering outstanding service allows us to be our clients’ most significant resource, reliable asset, and steadfast advocate.

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping*
  • Balance Sheet Preparation
  • Bill Pay*
  • Cash Management
  • Custodian Services through Charles Schwab
  • Data Aggregation & Client Portal
  • Digital Library & Vault
  • Expense Management
  • Timely Executive Summary & Updates
* Additional fees apply depending on need for outside resources or solutions
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Protection
  • Banking & Credit Oversight
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Liquidity
  • Manager Oversight
  • Performance
  • Risk Management
  • Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning & Coordination
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Family Meetings & Planning
  • Financial Education
  • Legacy Planning
  • Special Services, Elder Care & Concierge*
  • Team Coordination
  • Trust Services through our partner, Cumberland Trust*
* Additional fees apply depending on need for outside resources or solutions

It Goes Beyond the Money

you are not alone

How the Alpine Team Can Help.

Some families accumulate significant wealth over time, with the origin of the wealth often going back two, three, or more generations. For these families, it is crucial to preserve their wealth while ensuring that it performs to meet current needs and the needs of future generations. Family dynamics may dictate that the matriarch or the family patriarch is the primary decision-maker. In other instances, there may be multiple family members overseeing various needs and perspectives or one person who takes a leadership role in bringing the family together. No matter the circumstances, Alpine is the quarterback of this process, ensuring that nothing jeopardizes the long-term viability of family wealth.

A family of considerable wealth often faces unique challenges:

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Wealth isn’t about numbers; it’s about a feeling. A feeling of confidence, stability, protection, and connection.

Those feelings drive us here at Alpine. They’re rooted in our philosophy and guide everything that we do. It’s who we are, and you’ll see it in every article and commentary we write.

Questions & Answers

Alpine Private Wealth views wealth management differently. A different approach delivers different results. Alpine serves individuals and families who have realized that their level of wealth now requires complex processes to maximize investment returns and, perhaps more importantly, the appropriate structure of their overall wealth. Alpine works to bring our clients peace of mind by offering value-based investing that requires strategic planning and a high level of client service. We enhance our customers’ lives by growing and protecting their wealth. Our focus and philosophy best suits clients in emerging wealth, strategic wealth, and family office. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you in determining if a relationship with Alpine is the right fit.

Our initial meeting aims to get to know you and your family, business, concerns, aspirations, and more. We value the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation about what peace of mind and quality of life mean to you and your family so we can put together a strategy that matches your vision. We also want you to learn more about Alpine, what we’re passionate about, our investment philosophy, and more to ensure that we’re a mutually beneficial fit for your wealth management needs.

The simple answer is as often as you want. After the first year as part of the Alpine client family, most clients find that a formal, annual wealth management review, in addition to quarterly calls, meets their needs. We’re invested in your portfolio’s success; our advisors will proactively contact you every three months for a brief status overview. However, many of our clients interact with our team of advisors and client service associates weekly. Your unique needs dictate the level of contact you will have with us.

Depending on your circumstances, those required or suggested for meeting attendance may vary. However, it is typical for family decision-makers to attend annual wealth management reviews. Your Alpine advisor will often work with your estate planning attorney and tax professionals and may request their attendance at specific meetings. Having adult children attend is also an appropriate course of action for some families.

Relationships are crucial to who we are and how we work with our clients. Your primary contacts will be your advisor and private client associate, who will work with you to establish routine communication preferences and subsequent meetings. However, we can tailor our relationship based on your needs and expectations.

We understand that choosing an advisor in wealth management can be overwhelming, but if you are looking to explore value investing as a long-term strategy, Alpine may be right for you. Working as your fiduciary, Alpine Private Wealth serves a select client base looking to grow and protect their capital and manage their wealth by leveraging a disciplined process that maximizes return potential while minimizing risk. We prioritize the best interests of your investment and ensure they meet your goals. Suppose you are looking for an objective partner that employs an alternate, sophisticated investment approach for complex financial situations. In that case, Alpine welcomes the opportunity to discuss your needs and goals to determine if we fit you best.

A fee on the assets Alpine manages and advises is called an AUM fee (assets under management). Our fees range from 0.60% on separately managed equity strategies to 0.35% on fixed-income portfolios, accounts that utilize ETFs and mutual funds, and accounts that use the ACR Limited Partnership opportunities. For very complex relationships, alternative fee arrangements are often structured. Transparency is essential, and we outline our fees and provide a fee schedule that works for your situation.

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The best solution for any investor is one that allows them to live the life they want, free of any worry about money! Our overarching goal is to make your life easier and free you of the day-to-day concerns about your wealth.

First meetings are primarily introductory. We want to get to know you, what is unique about your situation, and confirm Alpine is the best fit for your financial goals and aspirations. Consequently, nothing else is required. Based on our initial meeting, we will follow up with an email requesting specific information that will allow us to assess your needs and objectives more fully and completely.